Entrepreneurship Deep Dive

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to become an Entrepreneur. Master the concepts and coming up with great business ideas

What you will learn

  • Needed definitions before you dive in into your business
  • Become a successful entrepreneur & start your own business
  • What you must have to learn before starting entrepreneurship
  • Learn how to build a strong business mindset
  • Characteristics of Successful entrepreneurs
  • Understand the business life cycle
  • Learn of Types of businesses (Service, Product, SaaS, Marketplace)

Chapters Overview 

Chapter One will help you to learn the essentials of being an entrepreneur and having a startup and it will give you the opportunity to distinguish between service and product businesses and, learn more about the startup life cycle starting from an idea till reaching the growth stage with reference to case studies in the global market.

Chapter Two is divided into two parts. The first part is talking about the idea where some questions are suggested like how to check if your startup idea is profitable or not? and if yes, is it matching an existing business model or it’s a new one? All these questions will be answered and discussed in detail in addition to mentioning the sources of having a profitable idea. The second part will take you more deeply in the market and how to fit your product idea in the value chain of specific industry with passing on lots of important terminologies and frameworks like competition analysis, Market Research and Idea Validation.

Chapter Three will take you to another stage which is the product stage where you will get to know the Lean Startup methodology and discover more about building your first minimum viable product (MVP) and how to bring it to the market. All this will be delivered within practicing the lean canvas and studying its sections.

Chapter Four will help you to organize all your thoughts and ideas in a written professional document called Business Plan. In these videos we are going to illustrate the sections of the business plan and talk about each section in details with proven examples.

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate



Course Instructor

Nilepreneurs Nilepreneurs Author

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